Baccarat Variations Around the World

  • There are several types of Baccarat from different parts of the world.
  • The differences between variations are minor.

As a very old gambling Game with its beginning in the heart of European culture, several prominent Baccarat variations have arisen. As it spread through countries and across continents the Game evolved to match its users’ different cultures and social needs.

After arriving in France from neighboring Italy, Baccarat was adopted by French royalty and many of the varieties that considered to be European date back to French innovation and attempts to make the game more fresh and interesting. These variations include classics like ‘Chemin De-Fer’ and ‘Baccarat en Banque’.

The other large period of Baccarat reformation was its later appearance in North America where versions such as Punto Banco, also known as American Baccarat, were created. Punto Banca is notable for its popularity in world renowned American Casinos in Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City.

Though based on the same logic of betting on a hand of cards to reach the sum of 9, each of these variants are unique and dynamic catering to a wide audience of gamblers from all backgrounds. Many of the variants are based on a slight change in rules and order of play. With our guides however, these minor changes can be understood and mastered in time for your next visit to your favorite Casino on or offline.