• Online Casino Games are full of Bonus Features and other exciting extras.
  • Features are found most often in Slot Machine Games, sometimes there is a wagering requirement. 
  • Bonus Features vary, here will will go over the essentials you need to know in order to benefit from them.

Bonus Features are those little extras you get with a Casino Game. It's those extra Features that make the Game more enjoyable, more challenging and more rewarding. Most of these Features apply to Slot Games only, but the Wagering Requirements will also touch on Table and Card Games.

Different Online Casinos can have different Bonus Features, but they are all a variation of the following that we will explore now. All these new terms can seem confusing and overwhelming at first, but  we will break them down for you in this handy reference guide and once you know them, there's nothing to stop you from spinning the reels with full confidence.

Here's a Tip or Two

Generally speaking, if you bet at maximum, it is easier to reach the Bonus Features and get the biggest payouts. Some people prefer to play the more old fashioned 3-reel Slot Machines, but whatever style, or however many reels you like to play, it's worthwhile knowing that Slot Machines are named Fruit Machines in Britain and Pokies in Australia. 3-Reel Slots are sometimes more popular as they have fewer Bonus Features and concentrate more on the betting and have some of the largest Progressive Jackpots available on the internet today.