Play by the Casino Promotion Rules

  • All Online Casino Promotions come with Terms and Conditions. 
  • It is important to check with Customer Support if there is anything you don't understand about Casino Promotion Rules. 
  • Remember, not all Promotions will be suitable for you to take part in. 

It is always important to fully read and understand online casino promotion terms and conditions . When it comes to Sign Up Bonuses and Welcome Bonus Deposits, you now know there are Wagering Requirements, but did you also know that sometimes there are maximum Cashouts allowed on your winnings against a Casino Bonus? So, before you accept any Bonus Offer or Promotion, it is a good idea to make sure of the rules that come with. This is where a good Customer Support team comes in very handy.

Check out anything that is not clear about the offer you are accepting. Check if the Bonus is automatically credited to your account after Deposit, or whether you need to request it from Live Chat. Make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for when you take part in a Casino Promotion.

Is It Worth It?

Sometimes the Promotion on offer might not be suitable for you, the requirements may outweigh the potential benefits, or you may feel tied in to a certain amount fo gameplay that wouldn't be suitable. There are many, many different types of Casino Promotions available and sometimes it is better to wait for the next one to come along before agreeing to something you are not entirely comfortable with.