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3Dice Casino accepts players from United States

Julian is a lucky Vegasboy to have access to this wonderful casino. Lots of nifty extras, most noticeably, the whole 3D thing – this is pretty much the closest you can get to being in a casino whilst sitting in your underwear on your couch. Overall fantastic, despite not having hundreds of different slot machine games 3 Dice casino makes sure the ones it does have are top-notch.

Is it No Dice for the 3 Dice Casino Review?

If you want quality digital entertainment with your online casino experience, 3 Dice 3D casino software is probably for you. Licensed and operated by Gold Consulting S.A,, themselves based in Spain, 3 Dice online casino is a part of Danmar Investment Group, a conglomerate with over 10 years experience in the gambling industry operating land based casinos over Europe. 3 Dice casino is regulated by the Government of Curacao under official supervision of the Directorate of Offshore Gaming.

Let's Throw the Dice and Download

After downloading the 3 Dice casino software, the on-going chat between other players popped up, kindly inviting me to join in. What a nifty little feature and, I must admit, it made me feel really welcome and part of something special. There was a nice mixture of tourney players with some interesting advice as to which games to win big on and stories about their gambling day. All game updates are downloaded whilst the software downloads, which is novel and a very good sign that there will be no waiting around here in order to start playing. Don't forget your 3D glasses, they will add an extra dimension to your gameplay.

The Dice is Right for You - Rolling your Aces

Graphics are smooth and the lobby is interactive and intuitively fast. Table games are given a sprucing up and are a real pleasure to play. No detail has been spared. They are slick and clear and, most importantly, fast loading with high quality precision. There is even an option to speed up the dealing during the card table games, another great feature of 3 Dice casino. I must say, getting back to the lounge did take some work and, I was disappointed that I had to go into a menu to get back there, rather than having a button that took me directly back to the lounge lobby.

3 Dice seems to be code for excellent 3D video slots. Sound quality and high class graphics make playing the 3 Dice slot machines a real treat. The customisable games settings allow you to tailor the autoplayer feature completely and, is yet another innovative feature from what is fast becoming one of my favourite online casinos. The attention to detail really makes you feel like you are in the room, even without the 3D feature and glasses.

3 Dice Casino Bonuses & Promotions

It's not just a whole new online casino view you will get here, 3 Dice bonuses t will have you checking your eyesight with disbelief. 110% on deposits of up to £50/$100 and bonus by VIP Level, calculated by how much you are actually playing with to ensure it is fair. You get what you put in at 3 Dice online casino!

There's also free entry into the tourneys for anyone with a standing of at least Bronzein the VIP stakes and an impressive random draw bonus leading to a site-wide 3 Dice Casino Jackpot! 

After downloading the 3 Dice casino software, the on-going chat between other players popped up, kindly inviting me to join in. What a nifty little feature and, I must admit, it made me feel really welcome and part of something special. 

3 Dice Casino Banking

This is an international casino and accepts all international deposit methods, with the exception of Click2Pay, available only in the US, UK and Germany. Withdrawal is to one of these standard international 3 Dice payment methods and, is quick, easy, and hassle free.

3 Dice Casino Customer Support

Whilst 3 Dice is an international offering, it is truly American at heart (did we mention the spelling of cheques in the payment methods review bit?) Email support is in place, as is 24 hour live chat but, the phone number is just for the American market (or those that can call a 1-800 number without paying more than a premium rate call!) Lance was very helpful and, I got a real sense of that American customer service, complete with text speak (yw instead of you're welcome - at least I didn't have a chance to need to correct an online operatives potentially incorrect grammar!) As the winner of the past 3 years customer support awards from Casinomeister, as long as they can handle my queries and pay me my winnings on time, I will have to hold my criticism about the youth of today and their text speak!

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