Book of Ra Roulette Live

Novomatic’s Book of Ra Roulette Live is the ultimate hybrid between a popular video slot and live dealer games. Play a European roulette game with low house margins and make the most of the unique Book of Ra side bet.

The Best of Slots and Table Games in Book of Ra Roulette Live

Novomatic is a software developer with a vision and driven by the desire to innovate the gaming industry. That’s how they came up with the Book of Ra Roulette Live game, one that combines the thrills of slots and table games. At its core, this is basically another type of European Roulette, with the rules only slightly tweaked. Those who are familiar with the classic games will find all the usual bets available and will have to deal with the same low house edge.

Book of Ra Roulette Live introduces brand-new concepts, such as the possibility of placing a side bet inspired by video slots. Roulette fans will have immediate and unrestricted access to all the detailed statistics that they need to weave a coherent strategy. Everything from cold and hot numbers to various customization features are right at their fingertips. Interactions with both dealers and fans are possible and this makes this game of roulette very attractive to those used to land-based casinos.

An Eclectic Mix of Classic and Original Game Features

Book of Ra Roulette Live runs on the software provided by Extreme Live Gaming which is famous for its customization options. The games are streamed in real-time and the multiple cameras make it easier to watch how action unfolds at the tables. Defined by high video quality, it also runs smoothly on mobile devices. There is no compromise to make for enjoying the best visuals, as it can be played on smartphones and tablets powered by several operating systems.

At its cornerstone, Book of Ra Roulette Live is pretty much the same with the classic European roulette with a single zero. The live game variant is inspired by the Book of Ra slot machine, which gave the name of the special side bet. This can be placed before the beginning of any round, regardless of the stakes chosen. It features all the classic Book of Ra symbols populating the reels of the video slot.

How to Play Book of Ra Roulette Live

The best part about choosing this version of roulette is that it bears so many similarities to the classics. Players can bet on numbers, clusters of numbers splits, streets, lines, corners, columns, dozens and can also place bets on even chance bets and neighbor bets. The odds of hitting one number are 1 in 36, with a corresponding payout ratio of 35/1. Compared to American roulette which has two zeros, this one inspired by its European counterpart carries a lower house edge.

Book of Ra Roulette Live

What makes Book of Ra Roulette Live special is the 1-reel slot that features on the right size of the screen. This is where the easy to recognize symbols from the Book of Ra slot are displayed and each has a different chance of being hit. Players can choose to ignore this side bet altogether and focus on the main game if they want. However, this would defeat the purpose of not playing European Roulette. In the absence of this extra feature, there are simply no differences between these two games.

The Odds Behind the Book of Ra Side Bet

There is an indissoluble link between the chances taken and the possibility of hitting a winning combination. With a total of seven symbols in total, the average house edge slightly exceeds 10%. The Q and K symbols are the easiest to hit, while the book of Ra icon is one the most elusive. Betting on the book and hitting it will result in a payout of 18:1 the same as for wagering successfully on the Statue.

Players who bet on the Explorer symbol should accept a success ratio of no more than 1.10%. The same goes for the Tutankhamen sign as both have a payout of 80:1. When the reels are in motion, players will notice the fancy mechanics that made the Book of Ra slot famous. The betting table is visibly displayed and the same goes for the payouts table where players can compare the odds and return on investment.

When the roulette wheel stops spinning, players who placed bets on the winning symbols will be paid according to the odds. The upside of activating this bonus round is that players can further decrease the house edge. The RTP percentage is therefore improved and players also have the potential of claiming big winnings. Without having the same potential as standard progressive jackpots, the Book of Ra side bet is the closest roulette fans get to raking in huge profits.

In Conclusion

Book of Ra Roulette Live is easy to recommend to roulette fans and a slightly more difficult pitch for those who appreciate slots. While it succeeds at combining elements from both genres, it relies heavily on the roulette game mechanics. It’s possible to ignore the side bet, but there’s no way to circumvent the main European roulette game. The low house edge and the possibility of winning something extra with each spin of the wheel are its best selling points. The special bet tools are also a great addition and can help players make an informed decision when spinning the reels. 20 seconds is more than enough to place a bet and the live casino experience is enhanced by camera displays and professional dealers.

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