Playtech has been an industry favorite since its earliest beginnings. Its unrivaled support of games with entertainment based themes draws a large crowd and keeps them interested. After all, who wouldn’t want to win big while Spiderman saves the day? The software is well organized, fun, and easy to play even though there are greater pioneers of graphic quality in the software industry.

The Best Playtech Casino Software Could Still be Better

Since the beginnings of Playtech casino software in 1999, the software company has become known as a sort of keystone in the gaming industry. Playtech casinos have helped set quality standards and constantly raise them while at the same time, they are even better known for quantity rather than quality.


Playtech Casino Graphic and Sounds

As I mentioned above, Playtech sets a benchmark for game quality. Gaming is smooth, well designed, and entertaining, ensuring that players stay motivated and interested. At the same time, Playtech is no Betsoft which currently takes the trophy for best programming in my book.

Besides the great variety of games produced by Playtech, the software company is probably best known for their Hollywood and Marvel themed slots.

Organization and ease of use seem to be the main focal points at Playtech casino games with little or no background designs on their slot machines and reels that take up most of the screen. Audio also promotes a feeling of professionalism with minimal music behind each slot and clean, helpful dealers voices at every table game.


Playtech Casino Games

Besides the great variety of games produced by Playtech, the software company is probably best known for their Hollywood and Marvel themed slots. These slot machines tend to use pictures and short clips from movies themselves to great effect.

This line of games includes huge names like The Sopranos, Ghost Rider, The Mummy, The Incredible Hulk, John Wayne, and many others. Each offers a range of bonus features and special triggers all based on the related movie or story while some of them also function as progressive slots giving you the chance to win big.

Playtech also provides versions of the traditional games found in land based casinos including Marvel themed scratch cards, Marvel themed roulette, video poker, arcade games, and many more.


Playtech Casinos Around the World

While Playtech casino software does an excellent job of providing customers with lots of variety in gaming, the company doesn’t work everywhere you might expect it to. Americans will be particularly disappointed. Playtech stopped accepting customers from the US due to unclear online gambling laws, but the future is looking promising for the future of online gaming in America, so keep informed. This is a software brand whose casino customers could soon be headed State-side once again.

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