Telegram_logoThere’s no debating that today’s leading app for staying in touch with people around the world is the famous WhatsApp. However, that may soon change as they have a big contender on the market. The new competition is an app called Telegram. It was recently developed out of Berlin and millions of users have turned to it as their cross-platform messenger of choice. This app offers something intriguing for gamers as well, combining a new casino platform with a super-secure messaging service. Telegram casinos are an exciting and innovative up-and-coming trend that just might bump the app into the world’s number one slot.

Enhanced Security

As far as messaging is concerned, Telegram mimics the features that everyone loves most about WhatsApp. From the look of it to its main features, at first glance it’s seemingly identical to WhatsApp. However, there are some interesting features that set it apart from WhatsApp.

Arguably, the most important feature that sets Telegram apart from other messenger services is its enhanced security. It offers its users the ability to send self-destructing photos and messages within a secret chat window. These enhanced security features are secured with end-to-end encryption, setting the app up perfectly for casinos based on Telegram.

Innovative Casino Platform

Telegram has succeeded in mimicking the features and design of WhatsApp. Now, it’s adding another dimension to its platform. Its enhanced security and other essential features make a Telegram casino able to mimic the model of a desktop and mobile online casinos, which would make gaming on the platform super secure and convenient.

Any person over the age of 18 who has a registered Telegram account can access games on the Telegram casinos platform. This innovative move combines the best of two online worlds: messaging and gaming. Bitcoin is on board with their Bitcoin Casino Bot program. They are even offering rewards for users who refer their friends to the service. Royal Casino is another brand that has expanded their services to include Telegram. Only time will tell if other more renowned casinos will join this platform.

Telegram Casino chip

With 100,000,000 monthly active users. and 350,000 new users that sign up daily (according to the company), Telegram might be the new way for online casinos to branch out.

Telegram’s online casino platform offers all the standard online casino games like slots, card games, roulette, dice and blackjack. Registered users can access the casino easily right from their messenger app or desktop client. Games can also be played in demo mode before users play with real money. Users can connect and play with anyone from around the world who is a registered Telegram user.

Telegram casinos are the next big thing in social gaming. Imagine being able to access your favorite online casino games directly from the messenger application you use every day. With this type of social gaming platform available, it’s easier than ever to connect with players, play live games and make bets from anywhere in the world.

slotegrator logoTo help users understand more about this exciting new platform for gaming, conducted an interview with Roman Kutz, Senior Sales Manager at Slotgrator – an aggregator of iGaming software. Read on to get the inside scoop and all the details about the trending Telegram Casino.

Q: Can you name the main principles of launching the online casino based on an application like Telegram?

A: Online casino in Telegram is connected via the emulator, or the so-called bot. If we look at the technical side of the issue, the basic principles of the launch of such a casino is the creation of a Telegram bot and platform. The latter is the main part of the server, which contains the most important function programs – the mathematics and logic, game construction and result – that is provided to the player through the bot.

Q: What are the advantages of Telegram-based online casinos compared to regular ones, located on websites?

A: Firstly, Telegram is the only messenger with content that is not monitored and controlled by anyone, thus ensuring full anonymity. It has a huge advantage for online casino, allowing new markets to be taken on. Players from countries where online casinos are prohibited and where the entire online gaming traffic is blocked by providers can play freely using the bot in Telegram.

The second advantage is the usability of the online casino bot in Telegram. When accessing the website, the player must go through several authentication procedures. However, there is no need to do that if using the messenger, since the user has already been fully authenticated upon launching the Telegram application. Therefore, being in the ecosystem of the application, all you need to play is to launch the online casino bot with a simple touch of the finger. This is particularly relevant for the mobile platform, providing the possibility to literally play on the go.

"Millions of people around the world are already using such applications, and each month the number of active users is growing steadily."

The third advantage is another important point relating to convenience and ease of use. To enjoy poker or slots, players do not need to leave the app ecosystem, meaning that they can read news or send messages at the same time.

Q: Have you ever heard of Telegram casinos that are commercially successful?

A: Currently, the online casino bot in the Telegram app is know-how. Therefore, it is too early to talk about any success stories. However, there have been several quite successful projects, showing good results as for the number of active players. But these bots are less than one year old; it is rather pilot releases and demo projects. However, the users’ interest shows that this sector has a great potential future.

Q: Do you think that Telegram casino is a momentary trend or rather something that will secure a foothold on the market for the coming months or even years?

A: This trend and its duration depends on the demand for messengers as a mobile means of communication. Currently, there is no other more convenient and easy to use alternative. Taking the current trend of rapid development of mobile Internet into account, we can predict that this trend will remain in effect in the coming years. Millions of people around the world are already using such applications, and each month the number of active users is growing steadily. It is a separate world in which every messenger means a whole ecosystem, and people literally live there now.

Q: What can you tell the people who claim that the Telegram application is unprotected? For example, will the vast majority of users trust the new platform in the context of cash deposits?

A: Currently, this application is the most secure, in fact. There are good reasons why the app is in first place for the ‘messengers for paranoiacs’ rating. As far as I remember, back in 2013 the Telegram founder Pavel Durov promised to pay $200,000 to anyone who breaks into his private correspondence in this program and find a gap in the protocol. Almost four years have passed and still no one managed to do it. Now there is a trend of hacking information databases and online resources of government and intelligence agencies of different countries. Hackers get big money for this job. We can assume that these people haven’t got around to the Telegram yet, but the fact remains.

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