• Baccarat is one of the world’s oldest gambling Card Games.
  • Online Baccarat is one of the most popular Games in Online Casinos today.

As one of the world’s oldest gambling Card Games, Baccarat has earned its reputation as a gentleman’s game. Throughout its history it’s been favored by royalty and through the evolution of technology it is now most popular in its high tech version as Baccarat online, especially in Asian Casinos.


Baccarat has become one of Asia's highest-grossing Casino Games, thanks to wealthy gamblers who bet tens of thousands of dollars each hand.


Baccarat Origins

The word ‘Baccarat’ reflects its deep cultural history meaning ‘zero’ in Italian where it originated in the Middle Ages. It’s helpful to know the rules to Online Baccarat in order to understand the significance of zero in the game, but in short the name is relevant for the large number of cards that count as zero in Baccarat.

Over time Baccarat was adopted as a pastime by French royalty where the rules were changed slightly into the variation "Chemin De Fer" still alive today. Eventually the game would be spread to England and South America before finally finding an audience in North America and Asia.

Baccarat Today

Online Baccarat is far and away one of the most popular Games in Online Casinos today for several reasons. One would be its cultural connection and recognition as a game relevant to the upper class and high rollers despite the fact that the traditional Game involves very little strategy beyond knowing your odds. It has partly gained this stigma in modern culture due to its appearance in cinema with films like James Bond in which Baccarat was featured in several cases as his favorite game, and let’s face it, anything Bond does is cool.


Known as "The Gentleman's Game", Baccarat is James Bonds' second-favorite evening pastime.

Another main ingredient that makes gamblers want to play Baccarat online is its simple rules and therefore straightforward strategies. But in the end, many are drawn to Baccarat for its atmosphere of sophistication and gentlemanly anticipation. Want to be like Bond, learn the strategies and all from your own home? With the guides in this section you can also learn to play Baccarat online.