Online Blackjack Strategy from the Experts

  • Blackjack strategy involves understanding odds to turn the house edge in your favor.
  • Blackjack has different game play options that can improve a player’s strategy.

Blackjack is a highly loved Game in large part for being one (if not the) most strategy oriented Casino Games in existence. Instead of trusting to fate, a good player can carefully form his own personalized Blackjack strategy that will turn the house edge into your  advantage. While there are very developed and specific strategies for winning at Blackjack, like counting cards, these are very involved and often difficult to understand. For you beginners out there, I want to present to you strategic ideas that will help you mold your own approach to the game. There is no need to be intimidated by strategy; all it takes is a little logic.

Blackjack Strategy: Important Points

Before we dive into Blackjack strategies for specific moments and decisions, there are a few general points that need to be made and remembered:

  • Both 10s and face cards have a value of 10. Therefore, you always have a higher probability of receiving a card with a value of 10 than any other number. The Odds of pulling a 10 value card out of one deck of cards are 30.8% to be exact.
  • Pay attention to the Dealer’s hand! What you can estimate to be the likely outcome on the Dealer’s side will greatly affect the outcome on your own.
  • Remember that the Dealer does not CHOOSE what happens to his own hand. He plays with a strict set of rules so you don’t need to worry about playing against the Dealer. Think instead that you are playing vs. the Odds and with a little skill you can turn them in your favor.

With these points in mind, you won’t find it difficult to begin understanding to how form your own Blackjack strategy.To help you further, let’s get into step by step gameplay and discuss some of the existing schools of thought on each move and decision.

Blackjack Strategies: The Player’s Options

During gameplay, the player has several important choices to be made in which lie the majority of Blackjack strategy.

  • Hit and Hold

Many different theories exist on when to hit and hold. Charts created by veteran players show their most successful Blackjack strategies where the hit or hold on specific cards. What can be agreed by everyone is to gauge what the possible outcomes of the Dealer’s hand are. If the Dealer starts with low cards try to think two or even two hits ahead. Consider the Odds that he will get at least one card with a value of ten in these hits and try to estimate whether he will most likely bust or come up short of 21. Guessing what the Dealer will have can allow you a much more educated decision on whether or not to hit or hold your own hand.

  • Split

The split in a little used Blackjack strategy as it is relatively rare compared to other options and there are even rarer cases in which you will want to use this ability. The general consensus is to never split on two 10s since you already have the high value of 20 and to consider splitting on 8s and 9s as this provides a good chance of two hands of 18 or 19 and can double your winnings.

  • Insurance

Most strategists insist that insurance is a foolish bet and shouldn’t be considered. If you do make the bet however, and the Dealer does have a Blackjack, you will be well glad that you took the risk.

  • Double Down

Doubling Down is a Blackjack strategy that can easily double your winningsbut should be used in specific circumstances only. If you have an original hand of 10 or 11 for example, you may want to consider doubling down as you have a good chance of finishing with 20 or 21.

  • Surrender

Like in real combat, surrendering is a tactic that should be viewed as a last option. However, let’s say you’re playing with 3 or 4 hands and they all come out with numbers like 15 or 16. The dealer has a 10. His Odds of hitting 20 or 21 are much higher than yours so you may want to consider surrendering on at least some of your bets in order to save your money for a better opportunity.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

In the end, forming your own basic Blackjack strategy is a simple matter or using logic and considering your Odds. If you take into consideration all the points mentioned above, your strategy will only solidify itself with every game and you’ll feel productive and pleased even if you didn’t come away with extra money lining your wallet. After all, gambling is about the fun, and nothing is more fun than creating a well thought out gaming strategy. If you are seeking more help however, feel free to check out or helpful tips that may make Blackjack a more productive monetary venture.