Abracadabra and alakazam! Find out if you have what it takes to learn the best and easiest magic gambling card tricks for beginners that will surely impress your friends at the next casino night.

Otherwise known as card manipulation, the basic premise of all gambling card tricks involve sleights of hand which the magician performs in a manner undetectable to the audience. Surprise your friends at casino night with your knowledge of how to do card tricks that you can learn in minutes.

Deal a Royal Flush

Magically deal a royal flush (ten, jack, queen, king, and ace) in any suit of your choice.

royal flush card trick

• Start out by placing the five cards on the top of the deck, face down.

royal flush card trick• Deal five hands of five cards each, yourself included.

• After dealing the five hands, reveal the cards.

• Do not change the order of the cards. At this point, each hand has one card from the royal flush suite.

• Turn all of the hands face down again, collect the cards, and place them on the top of the deck.

royal flush card trick• The royal flush cards now sit among the top 25 cards of the deck, located at the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th positions.

• Again deal five hands with five cards each, dealing yourself in last. Turnover the cards to reveal your hand as a royal flush.


Did you know? The probability of receiving a royal flush has a 0.00015% chance. That means you could deal 20 hands of poker every night of the year, and in 89 years would only have one royal flush.


Deal Four Aces

Magically deal four Aces.

four aces card trick

four aces card trick

• Place the four aces on the top of the deck, face down

• Deal five hands of five cards each, yourself included. Reveal the cards. While dealing, talk about the cards to distract the audience. At this point, four hands have one ace.

• Turn the cards face down, collect the cards, and place them on top of the deck.

four aces card trick

• Do not change the order of the cards. At this point, the aces are distributed within the top 20 cards of the deck in the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th positions.

• Again deal five hands with five cards each, dealing yourself in last. Turn over the cards to reveal your hand with four aces.

Did you know? Ever notice how the Ace of Spades stands out in a deck of cards? The Ace of Spades stands out to indicate the tax had been paid on the deck of cards. Read more about playing card interesting facts


Spelling Card Trick

Magically predict each card before it’s drawn


spelling bee card trick

• Remove thirteen cards from the deck, one of each number making sure that not all cards have the same suit.

• Arrange the cards from top down in the following order: three, eight, seven, ace, queen, six, four, two, jack, king, ten, nine, and last five. In this case, five should sit at the bottom of the thirteen cards. Make sure to remove the jokers.

• In order to remember, here’s a little pneumonic device: In the year 387 there was A QUEEN who was 64 years old. She had TWO sons, JACK and KEVIN, in the year 1095.

spelling bee card trick

• Shuffle the thirteen cards with mixing the original thirteen cards into the deck.

• Tell the audience that you are removing the top thirteen cards. Then fan the cards out and show them to the audience to show the cards are arranged randomly.

• Begin spelling the first card “A-C-E”. As you say each letter, remove the top card and place it on the bottom of the thirteen card deck.

• After spelling the word, flip the top card to reveal an ace.

spelling bee card trick

• Repeat the previous two steps to reveal Ace through 6. You may continue through all 13 cards, but it may seem repetitive.

Did you know? “The King of Cards” Harry Houdini started out as a magician by performing good card tricks before specializing in escape acts. On Halloween in 1924, Houdini escaped from the belly of a beached whale, after having himself and the whale chained.


Blackjack Sleight of Hand

Get an instant blackjack with an Ace and a Jack.

blackjack card trick

• Before the performance, take the Jack, Four, and Ace and place them on the top of the deck with the jack as the top card.

blackjack card trick• First, deal out the Jack and the Four to show the audience the bad hand. The Jack and Four is used since it’s one of the worst hands in blackjack that’s likely to result in a bust.

• Place the Four and the Jack on the top of the deck, facing up with the rest of the deck facing down. The Ace now sits hidden underneath the Jack.

blackjack card trick• With the Ace still hidden beneath the Jack, use both cards to flip the Four over, facing down.

• Drop the Jack (still concealing the Ace) on top. Then flip over the Jack facing down,

• Now draw two cards. Voilà! It’s blackjack with a Jack and an Ace!

Did you know? A group of MIT and Harvard students made millions counting cards in Blackjack. The story became a bestselling book and Hollywood movie called 21, starring Kevin Spacey. Read more about the MIT card counting team and casino heists in Bringing Down the House.

Mind Reading Card Trick

Guess the exact card chosen by an audience member.

mind reading card trick

mind reading card trick• In a stacked deck, begin fanning the cards one by one in your hands until the audience member says stop.

• Reveal the card to the audience.

• While the audience observes the card, cut the deck in half. View the card at the bottom of the top half of the deck.

mind reading card trick• Replace the audience’s card inside the deck, so the card is next to the card you remember.

• Now fan the deck on the table. Look for the card you remember, and the following card will be the card chosen by the audience member.

Did you know? Back in the fourteenth century, people used gambling magic card tricks as a way to cheat in games and win on a bet.