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The 10 Best Adventure Slots

Can you smell that fresh air on top of the mountain, after having climbed all the way up and reached the top? The smell of success and adventure slots opening up, new sights and places to be discovered and explored. It's not just online casinos that are full of bonuses. These Top 10 Adventure slot machines are full of excitement, fun and exploration, so let's get started:


After Night Falls Slot

Julian reviewed this casino slot game and stated he believes your life is lacking if you haven't at least given it a go. Playing it for myself showed me just how good it was. This 3D slot takes us into the world of an investigator, who will do anything to catch the criminals. Go deep into the dark and murky world he inhabits with this top slot. Read Review


Scrolls of Ra Slot

Prepare to be mystified with iSoftBet's 20-payline slot machine that has been exquisitely designed for your playing pleasure. You will be exploring the ancient caves below Egyptian sands and enjoying a clear cut and entertaining bonus round. Scoring 100% on all factors, especially atmosphere puts this near the top of our adventures slots list. Read Review


Gonzo's Quest Slot

Here’s a game going for gold in the explorer genre. Find out what the mystic ancient Incan civilisation holds in store for you as you search for gold. Watch out for hazards along the way as you adventure forwards, with a brave warrior watching out for you. Read Review


Under the Bed Slot

Perhaps the oldest mysterious adventure of all time: finding out what is actually lurking under the bed. My mother would never even dare look under mine while I was a teenager, but this slot is hiding monster payouts under its covers. Some great bonus rounds, resplendent in 3D really catch your imagination and run with it. Run all around the beautiful graphics and atmosphere of this slot machine. Read Review


Mythic Maiden Slot

Adventure has never been more rewarding. Enter a spooky old mansion the mythic maiden in this sumptuous slot is the Iron Maiden, a torture device used in olden times, and the epic children's book, Matilda by Roald Dahl. There are plenty of delightfully scary creepy crawlies to accompany you on this top adventure slot. Read Review


Captain America Slot

Perhaps the ultimate adventure slot machine for any red blooded American, the Captain America slot will instil the pride of this crime fighting hero soldier, protecting the ideals America hold dear. This Playtech slot also has a progressive jackpot to enjoy. Read Review



The Wizard of Oz Slot

Follow the yellow brick road, and let it take you on an amazing adventure, full of witches, straw men, tin mean and flying monkeys. Nothing is what it seems in this Williams Interactive offering, complete with jackpot prize available. Who hasn't known and loved the ethereal other world of Dorothy and her little dog too? Read Review


Secret Code Slot

The mysterious and somewhat secretive nature of this adventurous slot serves to make it one of NetEnt's most exciting offerings. Complete with eerie sound effects and a superb bonus game, you'll enjoy secret prizes and robed monks, adding to the effect. Read Review


Zombies Slot

Coming in at number 10 on our adventure slots list Zombies provide one of the ultimate adventures. The Apocalypse is here people, and it's time to get prepared! What will your weapon of choice be? A chainsaw? Baseball bat? How about an axe? The local shopping centre serves as the backdrop to the Zombie slot, and will be your only shelter for the reel spinning that ensues with this slot game. Read Review