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3 Best Sports Games

Our pick for the best 3 sports games includes football, the horses and darts. Some may say darts is not a sport, but we truly believe it is. It takes a level of mastery and skill to be able to hit the bullseye, just as it does to score goals in football, or be a jockey. Plus, betting on the horses or football match result is just as fun as playing darts down the pub with friends.


The Derby Day Horse Racing Game

Who doesn't love a flutter on the horses? Even first time betters and the occasional gambler enjoy a few quid on the fillies every now and then. You can read up on all the information on the jockey and his previous races, or the horses health and previous form. Or there is always just picking a name that stands out to you. Either way, this horse racing game is our number 1 top sports game for good reason, with generous winnings available. Read Review



The Penalty Shootout Game

We've all done it, shouted at the TV, or from the side of the pitch at the player taking a penalty shot, knowing if we were there we could 100% do it better. Well, now you can be in charge of your own Penalty Shootout Game where you will get to test your metal on the front lines. This Playtech game gives out fabulous footy multipliers on all your goals, the more difficult the shot, the bigger the prize. Read Review



The Jackpot Darts Game

This Playtech game certainly hits the bullseye with its innovative idea, carried out to perfection, with a nice atmosphere and ambience. You have your leaderboard to show you previous throws, plus a video playback feature to show you your throw in slow motion when you closely miss the mark. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the sport of darts and become familiar with the ins and outs of a dartboard. Read Review