The Zippo Manufacturing Company has become one of America’s great companies and recently launched a line of gambling themed lighters.

The Story of Zippo

Back in the early 1930s, a man named George G. Blaisdell observed his friend as he snapped open and sparked an Austrian-made lighter. Even on a windy day, the lighter still continued to burn. On that day in Bradford, Pennsylvania, Mr. Blaisdell became inspired by the functionality of the lighter, and went about to improve its design and add new features. He fashioned a rectangular case with a hinged top, and retained the windproof chimney and flint wheel ignition which made the lighter work so well, even in the wind. Thus, the Zippo was born!

Lights First Time – Every Time

Eight decades later, the Zippo Manufacturing Company continues to incorporate Mr. Blaisdell’s ingenuity into its dependable, well designed product offerings. The lighters are made of reusable brass cases with a hinged top, windscreen chimney, flint wheel, and flint.  The windproof lighters function in harsh weather conditions, making it especially popular for an outdoor lifestyle as well as in the military.

Indeed, the image of someone sparking a flame with just the simple flick of a wrist has become iconic worldwide. Since the company first started back in 1933, Zippo has produced over 500 million lighters. The international brand sells products in over 160 countries, with recent plans to expand in Portugal, Turkey, and China. Zippo lighters come in thousands of different styles including customizable pieces and collectors’ items. In 2007, a mint condition 1933 model was sold for a staggering $37,000.

Zippo also offers a diverse product line that includes lighter accessories, butane candle lighters, utility lighters, watches, fragrances for both men and women, men’s lifestyle accessories, and a line of outdoor heat and flame products.

The Same Zippo Quality with a Touch of the Casino

Zippo continues to innovative its product design, and recently launched a new line of stylish casino themed lighters. Whether you’re a Poker champion, a Blackjack pro, or just love the sights and sounds of the slot machines, the Zippo casino collection puts the style of the casino right in your pocket. The sleek product line features lighters engraved or imprinted with gambling symbols like playing cards and good luck charms. This makes the perfect accessory for a gambler with a few tricks up his sleeve. Those interested in purchasing a Zippo product can shop right from the company website which includes the collection of gambling themed lighters.

For more information, visit the Zippo Facebook Page.