The Gonzo’s Quest video slot machine is one of the most popular slots created by casino software provider Net Entertainment. NetEnt slots in general are well-liked by players for many reasons. NetEnt games have some of the best graphics on the market, while also offering great winning chances (RTP 96%) and bonuses. NetEnt is also among the most trustworthy online casino software providers, due mainly to the fact that the company holds itself and online casinos to a high standard, and will not sell their licences to anyone and everyone.

Even among NetEnt slots, Gonzo’s Quest enjoys outstanding popularity for the following reasons:

1. Gonzo’s Quest: 3D slot with amazing graphics

Gonzo’s Quest, like all other Netent 3D slots, has simply amazing graphics. The stone blocks wobble as they settle on top of the others, and are disintegrated into fine dust when you get a win. Gonzo himself is continuously animated, never standing idle for too long. Even the waterfall in the background produces a constant mist as the water hits the ground below, adding to the atmosphere of the game. One more notable thing is the fact that all of the blocks are unique, there are no numbers or letters on them that would ruin the experience.

The cutting edge 3D graphics of Gonzo’s Quest greatly enhances player experience simply by pleasing the eye (and the sound should not be neglected either). However, where it really shines are the bonus features.

UI: the graphics help make navigation easier, and the user interface of Gonzo’s Quest is nothing but superb, both on desktop and handheld devices (the graphics is adjustable, so if it runs slow, just lower the settings).

2. a game with a story

Gonzo’s Quest, while very instinctive and easy to understand, can not be considered a simple slot where the only source of entertainment is the chance of winning. Instead, Gonzo’s Quest has a story which is introduced to the player through a short cinematic intro. The intro – and, of course, the game itself – is set in the 16th century showing a ship of conquistadors arriving in Peru in search of gold. Gonzo leaves the ship armed with a map to El Dorado to discover the city and the riches that surely await him there.

After the intro is finished, Gonzo settles down next to the blocks of symbols and cheers you on whenever you win, extending the excitement of discovering the mythical city to the player. The constant presence of Gonzo cheering for us, scratching his beard and trying to find the right way to look at his map helps players get more into the story of the game.

The real Gonzo: Gonzo is based on Gonzalo Pizarro, a Spanish explorer, half-brother of Francisco Pizarro, the Spanish conquistador who conquered much of South Africa for Spain in the 16th century.

3. Gonzo’s Quest avalanche multipliers

If you do not care for the story, the game mechanics will still keep you entertained. The game runs very smoothly on practically all systems, both older and newer. This is also true for NetEnt Touch, the software that enables playing NetEnt slots on not only desktops, but also hand-held devices, smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Apart from the technical attributes of the software, Gonzo’s Quest itself is a rather fast-paced game. The avalanche multiplier coupled with the exciting bonus features and free spins make this a really fast paced slot with no annoying downtime, fast enough to keep us entertained, though not so fast as to kill the excitement of a win (the speed of the game is adjustable).

The avalanche feature: This feature increases your multiplier to x2, x3 or x5 depending on how many successful, winning “avalanches” you had in a row. This is a progressive multiplier, up to 5x.

4. Gonzo’s Quest bonus features and free spins

When playing Gonzo’s Quest for the first time, one of the features catches the eye immediately: the way the symbols appear. Unlike traditional slots where the symbols are placed on reals, Gonzo’s Quest features blocks of stone falling from the top. This is a visual reminiscent of the various puzzle games that have enjoyed a surge in popularity in the past few years (most notably Candy Crush Saga).

The way the symbols appear is not only a matter of graphics, but affects game mechanics and pacing as well. Whenever you manage to “roll” symbols that are eligible for any kind of win, the avalanche multiplier is activated, which is also present in many online games (especially mobile games).

Bonus features: If you get 3 scatter symbols you get 10 free spins. During the “Free Spin” mode, the multipliers themselves are multiplied by 3, allowing you to reach up to 15x! One of the highest multiplier in any online slot.

5. Gonzo’s Quest - big wins and a really big jackpot

Gonzo’s Quest features 20 paylines with a wide range of bet levels and coin values. There are 7 regular symbols in the game, 3 of which are animal heads and 4 of them are masks. Getting a string of the former awards 3-100 times the stakes, while the masks can earn you your bet multiplied by 10-2500. Apart from the 7 regular symbols, there are two special ones. The wild symbol and the scatter symbol, the latter awards you 10 free spins if you get 3 of them in a line (starting from the left).

RTP: The RTP (return-to-player) on the game is 96%, which is quite high both among NetEnt slots and online slot games in general. No wonder Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most popular video slots out there.

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