• First Deposit Casino Bonuses provide Bonuses to players for placing their first deposit at a gambling site.
  • Online Casinos offer different versions of First Deposit Bonuses including a Match Bonus which matches a certain percentage of the initial deposit.
  • First Deposit Bonuses online have different terms and conditions depending on the Casino.

Almost every Welcome Bonus at almost every Casino involves a carefully planned First Deposit Bonus. It’s pretty much a self explanatory title. First Deposit Bonuses are Bonuses you can receive only on your First Deposit at the same Casino. These include a few main types of First Deposit Bonuses, though every Casino has its own fine print that must be fully understood before signing up.

Most Online Casinos offer Sign Up Bonuses for new players. Click here for an Introduction to Bonuses.

Types of  First Deposit Bonuses

There are literally endless possibilities when considering Welcome Bonuses and First Deposit Bonuses. Every Casino takes their own spin on Welcome Bonuses to make their offer appear unique and more profitable for the player.

Match Bonuses are a classic example of a common First Deposit Bonus. With a Match Bonus you will most likely be required to deposit money which the Casino will then match a certain percentage of and up to a certain limit. For example, let’s say that a casino offers a 150% Match Bonus on your First Deposit up to $1,000. If you deposit as much as $650, the Casino will deposit an additional 150% or in this case $975.

While most Casinos offer some variant of a Match Bonus, the opportunities for different offers are nearly endless. Sometimes a First Deposit Bonus will even allow gamblers a chance to increase the original bonus.

What to Watch Out For

First time online gamblers in particular need to watch out for the fine print that allows Casinos to make money from their First Deposit Bonuses. Most of the time, a First Deposit Bonus Casino will ensure itself a profit by stating that a player must wager a certain amount or a certain number of times before being able to withdraw any winnings from the casino.

All in all, you should be looking for the First Deposit Casino Bonus online that you prefer the most. While you will be obligated to wager a certain amount at the Casino, these offers will give you the biggest benefit in your gaming allowing you hours of playing time that wouldn’t have been possible without a First Deposit Bonus.