• Welcome Bonuses represent one of the most common Bonuses offered by Online Casinos.
  • Casino Welcome Bonuses usually have different stipulations and require players to a wager a certain amount before withdrawing payouts.
  • Gamblers can expect to find different types of Welcome Bonuses at most gambling sites.

Of all the different types of Bonuses and Promotions used by Online Casinos to draw you into investing your playing time at their gambling sites, the Welcome Bonus is the most prominent and possible the most critical to consider. An Online Casino Sign Up Bonus is offered in some form by every Online Casino as a way to provide you with extra playing cash on top of your original deposit(s).

Online Casino Welcome Bonus Stipulations

Beginners beware! First time players who see a $10,000 Casino Sign Up Bonus may believe that receiving $10,000 from an Online Casino is too good to be true, and that’s because it is. Not to say that such a figure is a scam, it is only a half truth.

Every Online Casino offers a Welcome Bonus and they tend to compete with each other for the biggest and most player beneficial Welcome Bonuses. Each Casino however, includes a large amount of small print attached to their Welcome Bonus, and these stipulations must be read carefully and understood completely before diving into playtime.

These stipulations often depend on the type of Casino Welcome Bonus being offered, but one requirement that almost always exists when accepting a Welcome Bonus means that you have to wager a certain amount at the casino before you are allowed to make a withdrawal.

Types of Welcome Bonuses

Casinos generally choose a specific type of Welcome Bonus to market that lays down general guidelines that you can expect to see. Keep in mind however, that stipulations on these types can change from Casino to Casino.

Many Casinos will offer to match your deposit up to a maximum amount or even add a percentage. For example, a casino offering a 500% cash Match Bonus up to $5,000 means that if you deposit $1,000, you are eligible to receive an extra $5,000. This would be considered a substantial Bonus that would usually require a high number or amount of wagers before allowing you to withdraw. Often the percentage is moved up and down while extra deposits can be added. A staggered cash match means that a casino will match say 100% of your first deposit, 150% of your second and 200% of your third.

Sometimes Welcome Bonuses provide a theoretical number of Bonuses allowed for a certain amount of time after the initial deposit. For example, Mandarin Palace Casino offers a 52 weeks Free Spins Credit of $40 that is counted toward the initial Welcome Bonus package of $4,500.

These are the basic numbers and types of Casino Sign Up Bonus you can expect to see when visiting a new gambling site. Remember that the casino will try to offer the best Welcome Bonus that they can in competition with other Casinos, and they will work hard to get you to take advantage of it. If you feel that their stipulations are unclear or you don’t understand them for any reason, contact customer service for details before making a deposit.