• Online Casinos like to welcome you with Free Money Bonuses. 
  • It's important to check out the conditions attached to Casino Free Money Bonuses.
  • Don't forget about Wagering Requirements, or our Top List of the Best Casino Bonuses

While not all Online Casino Bonuses are created equally, you can safely expect Casino Bonuses will be present in most Online Casinos, large and small. The latest Casino Bonuses can usually be seen scrolling their way across the casino homepage and can also be found in your Log In area or personalised Lobby. The Welcome Bonus is the first indication of what's on offer, but there are usually lots of other incentives to match what you are looking for from your Online Casino experience.

There can be Free Spins on certain Slot Machine Games up for grabs, extra Bonuses for Depositing and playing different Casino Games and there may even be some failsafe Bonuses, where if you lose your First Deposit, you are reimbursed enough to give you another go on the reels or at the tables. There are usually great second Deposit Bonus Offers available too.

What's The Catch?

Nothing in life is free, apart from love and air, but a Casino Welcome Bonus is as close to Free Money Bonuses as you are ever going to get. It's simple: deposit up to a certain amount, and get more money from the Casino to play with. Sometimes they will match your Deposit exactly, doubling your Deposit amount and, sometimes they will more than match it.

You must be thinking that there has got to be a catch, right? The main catch is that you need to complete something called the Wagering Requirements. Think of it as the Casino lending you money so you can make money gambling. It doesn't seem fair that you don't have to pay at a Free Money Bonus Casino and then win against them and take the winnings as well.

So you need to do what is known as playing through. This means that you will usually need to bet around 15 times the amount you have been given in Free Money Welcome Bonus Deposits in order to clear yourself to receive your winnings above and beyond the Free Bonus. When you think of all the Cashback offers you can take advantage of, it's pretty much a Win Win situation.