Bring Down the House with Casino Odds

  • A house edge, also known as casino odds, is built into every Casino Game to keeps results fair and random.
  • Online Casino odds involve the use of Random Number Generator (RNG) software to make sure Casino Games have unpredictable results.

So, how do honest Online Casinos make their money? A house edge, also known as gambling odds, refers to a built in profit on every bet you make. This way, Online Casinos can remain in business, while still giving you the opportunity to gamble and win big money.

In order to keep the results of your betting fair and random, Online Casinos use software, mostly developed by third parties and occasionally developed in house, to provide fair gaming odds to players. The house edge is smaller in Table Games, so there is more chance of the player winning.

Random Number Generator

When it comes to Casino Games, Random Number Generator (RNG) software is used to keep the results unpredictable and keep things fair. However, Slot Machines have the highest house edge, so are the most difficult casino game to win on. Contrary to popular belief, a Slot Machine cannot tell the difference between maximum and minimum bets. The wager amount does not change the results of a game. It only affects how much a player may win or lose.

So, are Online Casinos rigged? No, but there is a house edge built in to every Casino Game with software to ensure that the odds of winning are fair and the casino can still make a profit, so when you do win they can afford to pay you your prize money!