A Handy Guide to UK Gambling Laws

  • British Parliament passed The Gambling Act 2005, permitting Online Gambling.
  • Violating The Gambling Act 2005 may result in criminal prosecution.
  • British Citizens can bet in Online Casinos, as well as on Sports Betting Sites.

Regulated UK Gambling

In the United Kingdom, gambling is regulated under The Gambling Act 2005. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has a branch called The Gambling Commission that deals with all things gambling in the UK.

In 2005, an Act of Parliament allowing gambling Online in the United Kingdom made some changes to the Gambling Laws of old. Structures were put in place to ensure protection for children and vulnerable adults, in addition to bringing the whole booming industry to heel.

The Gaming Act of 1968 was the last time this industry had been taken into account and some major updates were due. The 1968 Act covered land-based Casinos only, as the internet was still a NASA space station away. As of 2005,  all local online UK casino's are required to provide the gambler with a safe user experience and you, as the gambler, are required to uphold UK Law with regards to your over Internet money wagers.  The legal gambling age in the UK, for both land based and Online Casinos, is 18.

If players break The Gambling Act of 2005, they can be prosecuted under the full penalties of the law. The law also states players must provide correct and accurate banking data when opening an account. Falsifying data, or attempting to misrepresent data can also lead to criminal prosecution.

UK Gambling Laws on Sites and Games

When it comes to UK Gambling Laws for Online Casinos,  the notion of Fair Play is staunchly upheld. Random Number Generators (RNG's) must be used in order to provide players with completely fair chances and Odds of Winning. Each Casino has its own specific terms and conditions outlining acceptable behaviour, language, Gambling Abuse and Gambling Addiction. If you break a specific Online Casino's terms and conditions, your account access may be blocked.

According to UK online gambling laws, sports Betting, just like Poker and Online Casino Gaming is legal at online UK Casinos and for UK citizens. However, players are not allowed to fix games so as to be assured of winning a return on their wager and any attempt to do so may lead to prosecution from both the Casino and the British Government.