It’s Safety First with Responsible Gaming at the Casino

  • VegasMaster fully supports responsible casino gaming and encourage those who struggle with Problem Gambling to seek help.
  • Punters should check local online gambling laws before placing bets.
  • Many Online Casinos offer bet limits so players don’t bet more than they can afford.
  • In order to avoid scams, choose an Online Casino that observes strict security measures and has a trustworthy reputation.

We, at Vegas Master recognize the harm in problem and underage gambling and encourage those who struggle with these issues to seek help immediately. In addition, we promote best-practices within the online gambling community and encourage those who have experience scams or fraud to speak out against these institutions. Remember, stay smart and safe when betting online, but most importantly – Have fun!

Online gambling should remain within the parameters of the law and stay fun and safe for all players. First of all, online gambling is regulated or illegal in some places. Before placing bets, make sure to check the laws to make sure it is permitted in your region.  Visit our section regarding Gambling Laws in the United States or read our page about United Kingdom Gambling Laws.

Bet Limits

Gamblers should make sure they don’t risk too much when placing bets. Many Online Casinos give punters the option of setting bet limits to reduce the risk of losing more than they can afford. These limits only allow gamblers to deposit, wager, or lose the pre-set amount during a daily, weekly, monthly period. This way gambling remains safe and fun. Should you be interested, check whether the casino allows their players to request pre-set betting limits or self-exclusion.

Problem Gambling

For millions of people, online gambling provides an entertaining and easy way to make money without even leaving home. However, when it comes to betting online, things aren’t always fun and games. It’s important to understand the dangers of online gambling in order to keep things safe and enjoyable.

Sure, when conducted responsibly, gambling online serves as an entertaining and rewarding hobby, and at times, a profitable profession. However, for what some regard as a harmless, good time, can lead others down a path to ruin. This hobby sometimes develops into an addicting habit that ruins lives and tears families apart.

In January 2013, Jack Keylock, a 22-year-old from Gloucester, England received an 18 month jail sentence after committing robbery in order to pay for his debts from online gambling. Keylock, who came from a respectable, law abiding family, broke into a hotel and two homes stealing up to £35,000 worth of property. The judge presiding over the case told him, “I suspect there is some truth in the fact that you got yourself into debt by gambling - gambling which is all too easy to embark upon these days probably because of the amount of advertising on TV and the amount of internet gambling available to anyone unwise enough to make use of it.”

Unfortunately, those struggling with problem gambling exhibit similar desperate behavior as Jack Keylock. Problem gambling behaves in the same manner as any addictive drug requiring a constant fix. It can affect family life as the gambler resorts to reckless actions to finance or cover up the problem. They lie about the problem or steal in order to feed the habit. Many lose their homes or face imprisonment. Gambling addiction can also break families struggling to pick up the pieces and cause divorce over the financial issues that come as a result.

Online gambling can lead to other addictive behaviors that form as a result such as substance abuse in order to try and forget problems caused by gambling in the first place. This also leads to health problems as well.

Underage Gambling

The availability of Online Casinos makes gambling all too easy to access. Today’s youth is more technologically savvy than any past generations, and their high exposure to the internet could increase susceptibility to online gambling. However, the inability to effectively monitor internet activity makes it difficult for law enforcement to regulate.

Online Gambling - Scams and Frauds

Those who participate in online gambling must also be wary of scams. As with any enterprise that involves large amounts of money, there always exists a risk of criminal activity. Online Casinos deal with cheating and theft just as the actual casinos do.

Online gamblers should watch out for fake Online Casinos that scam gullible victims into joining. These situations not only lead to losing money, but many face the threat of credit card and identity theft.

Sometimes, even legitimate Online Casinos aren’t safe, and run the danger of either defective security or highly-advanced cyber criminals. Therefore, online gamers must make certain that the Online Casino they play in has strict security measures to guarantee protection of their account information. Avoid Online Casinos without the proper technology to effectively protect their customers' personal information.

Online gamblers should also look out for game rooms that refuse to pay winnings. These rooms want players to keep betting until they have spent a lot of money, and they will not pay the player their winnings until they have spent a specific amount. Make sure to read a Casino’s terms and conditions regarding player withdrawals before signing up in order to avoid this type of scam.

Online gamblers can take simple measures to avoid scams and practice responsible casino gaming. Choose an Online Casino that observes strict security procedures and has a trustworthy reputation, and avoid gambling sites with doubtful practices. Visit online gambling review sites in order to determine which sites are legitimate and which are fraudulent.

If you or someone you know suffers from problem gaming, we encourage you to contact gambling support organizations. Gambling Help Online and Gamblers Anonymous provides counseling and information to help.

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