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Rome Casino

Rome Casino accepts players from United States

While one or two small points make me hesitate to compare Rome Casino to the greatness of Rome itself, quality game play, an inspiring theme, and excellent service are just some of the details that allow me to give this online casino my support and professional recommendation. Every Empire has its borders, so you may not have the entire world at your feet, but the whole of Europe is a good place to start.

Rome Casino Review – Play for Rome’s Riches

Ancient Rome was a place of unimaginable (at the time) innovation, astounding wealth and the most powerful empire the world had ever known. In fact it would be nearly 2,000 years with the rise of the Russian Empire, then Napoleon, and then the great British Empire that the sheer size of Rome would be matched. The entire known world lay open to Rome and her citizens. While Rome Casino certainly takes their theme seriously, I would be lying to say that they rise to match the greatness of Rome itself.


Rome Casino Empire at Your Command

Obviously I don’t expect Rome Casino to take over the known world, defeat barbarian hordes, and create monuments dedicated to their greatness. But gambling at Rome online casino does give one the feeling of being an Emperor with an empire at your fingertips, albeit a more limited Empire than that of the ancient Romans.

Rome Casino owners seem to be huge fans of roulette and offer two high stakes versions of the game, and an electronic roulette game though all versions are variations of European Roulette.

This feeling is fed by the large, quality game selection available to you as well as software and customer service that cater directly to your needs as a loyal customer and as ruler of this realm. The software lobby holds true to the Roman theme with dynamic colors of royal red where you already appear to be seated at a ready and waiting roulette table. The gaming menu located on the left is compact and comfortable to use.

Powered by Top Game software, offers a unique gaming experience especially for an American audience used to the popular Real Time Gaming software. A large selection of video slots come in creative themes and matches Real Time Gaming in graphics, sound and functionality. Rome Casino owners seem to be huge fans of roulette and offer two high stakes versions of the game, and an electronic roulette game though all versions are variations of European Roulette.

In fact, the only gaming arena or coliseum you could say, in which this Rome Casino review falls short is in video poker where only four versions of the game are offered. I suppose this could represent the English Isles that Rome was never able to fully command. Also centered in this corner of the world is online play direct from your browser which Rome Casino not offer. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that they lose business as at least some people won’t be willing to download their software until they are able to test it out online.


Gifts From Rome Casino to its Emperor

The great Empire of Rome Casino recognizes her responsibility to support her leader (you) in his or her endeavors. Therefore Rome Casino supplies a supple amount of bonuses and promotions designed to aide you in the expansion of your domain. Every Rome Casino bonus is cleverly Roman themed in title and purpose. Rome is also smartly active in social media and giving your Empire a Facebook ‘like’ will provide you with additional exclusive bonuses.


The Coffers at Rome Casino

An Empire can only expand along with the growth of her coffers and an Emperor must have complete control of additions and subtractions to the treasure chest. Rome Casino supports all the safest and most trusted payment methods, but unfortunately you will almost certainly need assistance in finding out which methods are available to you and which you should choose as a list of methods exists at, but it is incomplete and lacking in some important information.


Rome Casino’s Servants

While methods of receiving support at Rome Casino are standard including 24/7 telephone and live chat, they have one unique factor of customer service that warms my heart just to think about. From the moment you open the software to the second you finish playing, the live chat sits at the right side of your screen just waiting for you to pose any question or request. This constant presence invites you to feel comfortable and almost calls you to start a chat with one of your servants.

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