Translated from VegasMaster Sweden article by Anders Johansson:

A new Swedish online casino called Casino Saga will launch in mid-May.

Casino Saga is a concept casino that focuses on adventure. Casino Saga is part of the story. The story is part of the casino.

We wanted to know more and got in contact with Casino Saga’s founder Georg Westin for a Casinosaga interview. It turned into a conversation about Casino Saga as well as a small discussion about Swedish casino history.

Interview with Georg Westin Casino Saga Founder and CEO

george sagaVegasMaster: When does Casino Saga launch?

Georg Westin: We officially launch in mid-May. Until then we will add the final touches so that everything will run smoothly by the time Casino Saga becomes available.

VM: What is Casino Saga?

GW: Most of us in the team come from Sweden, primarily with a background in technology and production. I founded the company, but we are now a team of 10 experts working together on Casino Saga day and night.

VM: What is your background?

GW: Personally, I have been in the gaming industry for over 10 years. I have a technical background and started my career in the gaming industry as a software developer at Boss Media in Växjö, a company that was doing very well when it started. After 3 years at Boss, I started a bingo site called Happy Bingo which became very successful. The site was later sold to United Media.

Then I moved down to Malta and began working at Betsson as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for some time. After 2.5 years at Betsson Malta, I worked as CTO for Betsafe in Malmö after it was acquired by Betsson. This was a perfect opportunity to start something new which led to me and five others from Betsafe to start Casumo. In early 2013, we decided to move the operation down to Malta, and around the same time I left Casumo to stay in Sweden for a while with my family. I started laying the groundwork for a “casino of the future”. That is, to focus on a broader audience and make the experience more game-like and better than anything I have seen in my years in the industry.

VM: Casino Saga is more reminiscent of a role-playing game like Dungeons and Dragons than a casino. Is it a conscious choice to omit the clear markers of what makes a casino? If so, why?

GW: This is correct! There is the standard online casino with amazing games, but we have added another component which ties the casino together with an exciting background story. We want to give the player a deeper and more exciting experience. Think Super Mario Brothers meets the online casino!

Casino Saga Map

Casinosaga Map - The Casino Saga Unfolds!

GW: In Casino Saga, you become a casino hero and get to choose one of ten different characters and lands in the village of Saga Holidays. Your mission as a hero is to take back the golden crown that was stolen by the big boss, “Betser”. You progress in the story by playing the various casino games. As you win more payouts, your character becomes stronger. You need this strength to face up against the bosses placed throughout the 40 different levels  or “regions” in the game. If you beat a boss, you will be rewarded with cash prizes, XP, spins, etc., and you unlock more of the funny Saga Edition Games.

I can talk at length about more unique features offered by Casino Saga, but it’s better for players to discover all of the amazing features themselves.

casino saga

One of the many unique avatars.

VM: How important is it that the games you offer harmonize with your concept?

GW: It’s important. We will not have games on our site that do not meet high standards for great graphics, high usability, and high “payouts”.

VM: Except for your concept, what can you offer casino players that no other online casino can?

GW: Our product focus. We will never stop innovating and adding new, exciting features. It’s something I think others lack. We have built the foundation now and will work with our players to do really cool things down the road. Of course, very fast payouts and our smart support heroes are a backbone for us.

VM: Will you focus solely on the Swedish market or will others be able to play at Casino Saga?

casino saga avatar

Casino Saga avatar in incredible 3D animation.

GW: At first, we will offer the casino in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and English.

GW: I like how you think! Perhaps there are more worlds? Maybe there are more stories to play? Perhaps there are more treasures to win? Only the player will be told!

Some Final Words

Will Casino Saga be the next Swedish casino export hitting the world by storm? It is too early to answer that question, but based on the comments we read online, there is a lot of interest and curiosity in Casino Saga. With Georg Westin at the helm, chances are that Casino Saga will succeed. Georg Westin has a proven record of experience working in senior positions for successful gaming sites such as Casumo, Betsafe, and Betsson, which ensures that the product is of good quality.

In May, we will have the answer if this is a hit or a miss!