An exclusive interview with Goran Sovilj, Regional Sales Manager at SUZO HAPP, a leading supplier in products for the gaming industry.

SUZO HAPPe-Game Spectrum Magazine gave VegasMaster an exclusive inside look at their interview with Goran Sovilj, the Regional Sales Manager at SUZO HAPP.

SUZO HAPP, an international gaming equipment supplier, has participated in the Balkan Gaming Expo (BEGE Expo) for 5 years and explains what makes this international exhibition a great opportunity for companies in the gaming industry. During the interview, Goran also gave a little insight into the gaming industry in general.

He started by explaining, “Being visible in every individual market is part of our European strategy.”

The BEGE Expo takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria, bringing together professionals from over 15 countries specializing in products and services in the gaming, leisure, and entertainment industry. It’s location in Eastern Europe creates a bridge between East and West, linking professionals from the Balkans, Europe, United States, and Russia.

Goran went on to explain the benefits of attending the BEGE Expo:

“We believe the BEGE is a tool to introduce and present new products to the market. Also, it’s great to meet lots of our partners at one event…. We also believe it is important to support our partners from the Bulgarian gaming industry by participating in the expo.”

SUZO HAPP supplies a variety of components, consumables, and hardware products to entertainment venue operators and equipment manufacturers in the global gaming, amusement, vending, industrial, transportation, and retail markets. Within the Gaming industry, SUZO HAPP supplies components and technology in the gaming industry such as coin and currency handling equipment, gaming machine parts and displays, security products, lighting, and touch screens, just to name a few examples.


Gaming Equipment Components Manufactured by SUZO HAPP

Based on his experience working at SUZO HAPP, Goran began to explain the latest trends in the global gaming industry:

“One of the trends seen today is gaming [Original Equipment Manufacturers] OEM’s seeking for flat monitor solutions, as well as customized monitor solutions according to their requirements. It’s important to keep on attracting players and the zero bezel look, with black glass and a touch monitor underneath looks amazing.”

A Look Inside Slot Machine Reels Manufactured by SUZO HAPP

In order to keep pace with emerging trends, he explained:

“As mentioned above we are very close to the market and watch developments very closely. That’s why we are able to quickly adapt and develop new products in Europe and if needed manufacture them in our China factory.”

SUZO HAPP operates in the global gaming, amusement, vending, industrial, transportation, and retail markets by serving entertainment venue operators and equipment manufacturers.  The SUZO HAPP Group formed in 2005 with offices in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, United States, and Hong Kong with a manufacturing facility in China.


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