Place your bets and try your hand at a casino theme party. We’ve got all you need to create the perfect casino party no matter the budget. From corporate events and weddings to bachelor parties and birthdays, odds are that you’ll hit the jackpot when it comes to a casino themed party.


Whether an e-vite, Facebook event, or good old fashioned snail mail, choose invitations that tie in the theme. Let your guests know the theme in advance so they can bring their own ideas to the (card) table. Suggest guests dress up to make it a black tie affair like James Bond in Casino Royale. Women can dress in sparkly attire like in Vegas. Guests could also wear visors and vests to look like a croupier.

casino party invitation

Get more ideas about What to Wear (or Not to Wear) at a Casino Theme Party in the Las Vegas Fashion Guide.

Casino Color Scheme

Because of the color of playing cards and dice, black, red, and white capture that casino look perfectly. A touch of green would also make sense, as it’s the color of money and the traditional table game. Keep that in mind when purchasing decorations and party favors to help tie in the casino theme.

casino party decorations

Decorations & Party Favors

Party supply stores often carry plenty of props and decorations that suit a casino theme party. A card suit theme for tableware and refreshments makes a good starting point.

casino snack

Get clever with ways to incorporate the casino party theme.

Party favors and decorations don’t have to cost that much, but add the perfect touch to a casino party. Make sure to purchase lots of props such as playing cards, fake money, fuzzy dice, and poker chips to decorate. Here are some other ideas to tie in the casino theme party:

  • Cakes, cookies, or other desserts decorated with card suits or the black and red color scheme.
  • Domino shaped or dice cookies
  • Cupcakes with casino theme wrappers
  • Casino banners, Las Vegas signs, or red and black streamers to decorate the walls.
  • Playing card centerpiece
  • Sprinkle tables with red and black confetti
  • Casino theme or black and red balloons
  • Martini and wine glasses decorated with playing cards
  • Shot glass roulette
casino party

DIY casino party favors to decorate wine or martini glasses.

Handing out plenty of casino themed party favors can serve as an ice breaker. Guests can have fun wearing casino hats or take home souvenirs like key chains or card decks. Visors and garters can also add a nice touch for those looking to dress up like a croupier. It's also a good idea to provide guests with little buckets for their winnings.


You can’t throw a good party without the perfect playlist. Tie the theme together with songs about gambling, casino, card games, and Vegas. The Playlist features all kinds of songs for a casino party.

Casino Games

A casino theme party wouldn’t be complete without playing card and table games. Set up some card and table game stations to play. Guests can serve as croupiers for the night. Don’t forget to buy game props such as poker chips, fake money, card decks, and dice.

Those high rollers working with a larger budget can rely on casino rental or party planning companies that specialize in hosting casino parties. They provide different table games for rent run by professional card dealers. Casino party companies make a great option for larger parties like weddings, birthdays, and corporate events.

For example, Funky Casinos specializes in planning casino themed parties. Based in Essex, Funky Casinos offers a variety of casino theme parties at all kinds of venues for birthday parties, weddings, charity fund raising events, corporate events, marketing promotions, and private parties. They provide croupiers and tables for games like blackjack, roulette, and poker.

funky casinos

A party goer collects chips at a casino theme party hosted by Funky Casinos.

There’s no limit to the number of ideas for a casino theme party. From invitations and party favors to exciting table and card games, a casino themed party present party planners with plenty of options. When it comes to a casino party, one thing you can bet on is having a fabulous time.