James Bond

The Best Scenes in Casinos in James Bond Movies

With the new James Bond movie Spectre in theatres, this action-packed movie franchise is once again making headlines as fans of the James bond films celebrate the release of the 24th Bond movie. Like the others that came before it, Spectre is bound to impress, wow, and deliver the unique thrill ride that can only come from a 007 film. However, while it is sure to be entertaining, some may wonder if the movie will feature a casino scene, like many of the other bond films that have come before it. Why would this matter? Aside from providing viewers...

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Get in on the Action with Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn Slot

If looks could kill, then they certainly would in the Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn Slot. These sexy secret agents are kicking butt and taking names. This action packed game has all the bonuses to give maximum payouts including Shootout Bonuses, Free Spins, Frozen Wilds, and Magnetic Wilds.

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Get Lucky with Gambling Superstitions

Are you superstitious? If you answered no, you’re not alone – most people will immediately deny the label. Then again, how often do you find yourself crossing your fingers or knocking on wood to avoid bad luck? Although you may not take superstitions very seriously, they have remained ingrained the mind for centuries as an indispensable part of every culture. According to the Study of Public Opinion Research Center in 2011, 54% of adults believe in at least one common superstition. Gambling, in particular, has an extraordinary number of superstitious beliefs. Why?  An activity completely dependent on luck naturally...

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Break Into the Piggy Bank Slot Machine

What’s not to love about bank robbers wearing piggy masks? Bring out your inner gangster with this bank-heist themed online slot where all the action’s at! This is a great pick for lovers of bank robber films like Ocean’s 11… and perhaps you’ll walk away with the goods just like in the movies!

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