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Cherry Red Casino

Cherry Red Casino accepts players from United States

Cherry Red Casino accepts players from United States

Cherry Red Casino is not a poor gambling experience. Any gamer is sure to get enjoyment and appreciation from playing through their lobby of wonderful themes and entertaining variations for traditional games. However, due to relatively mediocre quality in gaming, I would recommend Cherry Red online casino for first-timers and gambling beginners who are unfamiliar with the better choices that are available.

The Sweet Cherry Red Casino Review

Ready to have your cherry popped? No, not like that! I’m talking about Cherry Red online casino. This Cherry Red Casino review will show you that though it doesn’t provide the best gaming experience on the market, it’s excellent for beginners and first-timers… if you know what I mean.


Cherry Red Casino Software & Games

Our Cherry Red Casino review starts off as neither positive nor negative. The casino runs on Real Time Gaming which brings both positives and negatives to the gaming experience as a whole. RTG is known for a very specific style that fails to truly excite me. Design, sound and graphic quality all comes in a basic template that you would expect to see at every casino. True genius and uniqueness comes only when you dare to break the boundaries and come up with something even better.

RTG is particularly recognized for the great display of different themes in their broad selection of slot machines.

Mobile animations are few and far in between at Cherry Red online casino and all of the artwork is design oriented. Sound is low quality, something like hearing a 1920s record in 2013. In that case you could say that it’s a good thing that there are so few sound effects at Cherry Red Casino.

On the more positive side of things, Cherry Red Casino is peppered with all sorts of different games. RTG is particularly recognized for the great display of different themes in their broad selection of slot machines. Each game has its own way to win free spins and contains its own little exciting feature as well.


Cherry Red Casino Promotions

Besides the relatively low quality of gaming (which is mostly the software’s fault) this Cherry Red Casino review is going to remain mostly bright and sunny with a chance of a few scattered clouds along the way.

Cherry Red Casino bonuses for example, are quite extensive and comprehensive as well. They ensure that whether you’re a beginner or a returning VIP member, you’ll be able to cash in on an excellent Cherry Red casino bonus.

Apart from a great welcome bonus, a Cherry Red Casino promotion specifically for Video Slots, Blackjack , weekends and weekdays, the casino offers an excellent set of offers to loyal VIP customers.


Cherry Red Casino Banking

We’ve hit a few light clouds in our path as at the time of this Cherry Red Casino review only four payment methods were being offered. I suppose this isn’t such a big deal as Americans are their biggest market and payment methods are limited to Americans. But after seeing casinos with more than 30 different payment options, I am left wondering why Cherry Red Casino only uses Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and Neteller.


Cherry Red Casino Customer Support

There is quality support available at Cherry Red Casino, the problem is that representatives are only available through the links in the downloadable software to live chat, email, and telephone numbers for the US, UK, and international customers. The Cherry Red website (which is VERY cherry red) has no contact us page and has a live chat link that wasn’t working at the time of this Cherry Red Casino Review.

Review Summary

- Good selection of themed slots
- Great display of enjoyable bonuses
- Graphics and sound of poor quality


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    Not sure what the deal is with this casino but Ive read a lot of negative reviews!

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