Tattoos have fast become a very popular international trend. All around the world, more and more people are inking themselves with designs that have some form of personal significance. Gambling Tattoos have become a particularly popular design of choice.

Tattoos date back centuries ago

Tattoos date back many centuries, and have been a popular custom throughout the world over the years. If we go back in time, we will see that the ancient custom of ‘tattooing’ was practiced by western cultures, who termed this process, ‘pricking, ‘painting’ or ‘staining’.

The word tattoo in the 18th century comes from the Samoan word ‘Tatau’ which can be defined as ‘correct’ or ‘workmanlike’. Captain James cook's voyages introduced the concept of tattooing, as well as the word ‘tattoo’ to the Europeans.

It was believed that tattoos assisted in connecting tattoo bearers to the spiritual world. Of course, getting a tattoo is a relatively painful experience - it was believed that this pain enhanced the strength of the individual who had the tattoo inked on their body.

Popular terms used to describe tattoos today are; “ink”, “pieces”, “skin art” “tattoo art” and “tats”.

Each individual has their own unique reason for placing a tattoo on their body. For some it is considered a suitable form of expression and they believe it looks beautiful. For others, tattoos adequately express their view of the world, by making use of philosophical quotes that accurately portray their values.

The Process of Getting a Tattoo

Tattoos are made by marking the body with ink, which reaches the dermis layer of the skin and alters the person’s pigment.

The body is marked with ink

Once a person has decided that they would like to get a tattoo, the next step is to decide what design they actually want. This takes a lot of thought and consideration. Gambling themed tattoos are a modern style of tattoos that many individuals enjoy having inked on their bodies today.

People spend a lot of time and effort figuring out what design they want, and where they want it on their body. Many customers carry out extensive research into which tattoo artists are the best, and which are particularly good at the specific type of design that they have chosen.

A Form of Expression

In addition to the aesthetic beauty that a tattoo offers, it also expresses a person’s passion. People get tattoos related to something of significance or importance to them.

Tattoos usually say a great deal about the person that they are on - gambling tattoos inform others of what specific type of gambling the owner of the tattoo prefers.

Many feel that a gambling tattoo brings good luck to the tattoo bearer.

Players are known to be very superstitious people, and they therefore look favourably upon the idea of owning a good luck “charm” such as this.

Tattoos of this nature can include images of dice, poker hands, four leaf clovers, horseshoes, poker chips, money, 777, cherries, & the magic 8 ball.

Sleeve Tattoos

Full sleeve tattoos are a popular choice for those wanting gambling tattoos designs. This is because sleeve tattoos can incorporate a number of different images within the same design.

People that enjoy getting tattoos and also enjoy the rush of gambling are likely to combine their two interests. Many feel that having a tattoo with one of the above mentioned images will bring them an abundance of luck in the casino.

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Common gambling tattoo designs will also include the various suits of playing cards; hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. Another particularly popular gambling tattoo is that of the iconic 'Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas' Image.

Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Tattoo

Gambling tattoos for men very often include designs of fire and flames, skulls and poker images.

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Gambling Tattoo Designs

To figure out what kind of tattoo to get, individuals look at other designs for gambling tattoo ideas. Let’s look at some examples of these ideas.

Dice Tattoos

Ladies Dice Tattoo

Dice symbols represent the risk factor in gambling that so many players get a thrill out of. Dice are a good representation of luck and adventure.

Ace of Spades Tattoos

Ace Of Spades Tattoo

The ace of spades is generally known as the highest value playing card. This card dates back as early as the 17th century and over the centuries it has become valued as a card of luck and fortune. The ace of spades along with other symbols is a very common design for a gambling themed tattoo.

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Poker and Joker Tattoos

Poker players will typically have images of playing cards included in their tattoo design. They often select tattoos of winning card combinations such as a full house, royal flush, four of a kind etc. It is believed that these winning combination tattoos bring players good luck whilst sitting at the poker table.

The most common place that people will see these tattoos is of course on the shoulder. And as previously mentioned, many will take these tattoos even further and create gambling  sleeve tattoos.

Poker players appreciate the joker for its value as a wild card. Those who require luck, or who like to take chances, enjoy this tattoo for what it represents.

Poker Tattoo

Joker Tattoo