Whether you go to the casino for the entertainment factor, or for the free booze, the temptation to have a flutter is irresistible. The prospect of becoming a winner at the casino, the potential for beginners luck to strike and your fortune to change is a dizzying thought. If done properly, a night out at the casino can be cheaper, and far more rewarding, than a night out at a restaurant or nightclub. Large, chain casinos have their good points, but for the more serious gamblers amongst us, a smaller casino is likely to have a smaller house edge.

Top Winners Tips

  • The house will always have the edge; smaller casinos have a lower house edge.
  • Choose your game wisely. The chances of winning playing Roulette are lower than with Blackjack.
  • Remember where you are. The longer a casino can make you stay, the more chance they have of winning back their profits.
  • Avoid casino sharks! They will hide in the shadows and pop out to steal your luck. Know your enemy and learn to recognise sudden new friends appearing when you're on a roll.
  • Remember, you need to have game to be a winner. Attitude is important.
  • Gamble clever. Assume you will lose everything and don't take more than you can afford out with you. That way, whatever you come out with at the end of the night is a bonus.
  • You can't be on top form all the time. Take Breaks.

Do you like to live dangerously?

The House Has Sharp Edges

One of the most important things you need to know, in order to put yourself in a winning position with any casino game, is to understand what the house edge is all about. Also known as "house odds", it basically means that each casino game charges you money for the privilege of playing. The trick when it comes to house edges is not to bump into them, as they can take a chunk out of your potential winnings.

Every casino carries a higher house edge on the games that make them the most money in the quickest time possible. Think of it as a tip that you have to pay them, for the honour of, well, paying them and being their customer.

Beating the odds is not something you can do. Sure, when someone wins big, or has a stroke of luck they say they've beaten the odds, but the odds are always on the casino's side. The odds are that you are going to be awed by the grandeur and money being splashed around you and lose all sense of reason; all logic and all self-discipline. These odds are also on the casino's side.

Counting cards and other strategies for winning at the casino are going to get you caught. No matter how much of a genius you are at it, with the odds all lined up nicely on your side.

Roulette,  A Croupier's Entertainment

Roulette is generally acknowledged as the game with the worst odds and the least potential to develop a winning strategy on. You can read more about How to Play Roulette here. 

Roulette is the casino table game with the least chance of you winning on it. The wheel spins fast, bets are taken, everything happens in a hazy blur where time seems to stand still. Roulette is a game

Rainman explains to his brother that maybe it's just not his game.

of pure luck and chance. It attracts you with its hidden simplicity and promise of quick results. The problem with Roulette is that you get caught up in the excitement, you don't get enough time to think about how much you are betting and where you should be placing your bets before the croupier says "No more bets please."

The added lure of Roulette comes from its elegant, somewhat diplomatic background. Roulette originated in France almost a couple of hundred years ago and at a time when the international language was French, not English. Just check out the Russian author of that time period, Tolstoy, and his famous work Anna Karenina to see how French influenced every corner of the earth and literature. This is why many of the terms in online casinos are spoken and written in French and casino software developers still do not always translate them into English, or whichever language you are playing in.

Today, French is simply known as the language of love, but Roulette was a game played by the rockers and rollers, the big guys, the influencers hidden in the highest echelons of society way back when, who had more than a hand in shaping the world we live in today.

Despite the interesting story surrounding this table game, if you want to win at a casino, it is best to leave the fluttering on the Roulette wheel and look elsewhere.

Wise Words from the Late, Great Mitch Hedberg.

Blackjack, The Game Of Kings

If you are numerically inclined and have a superb memory, this is definitely the game for you.While there are no tricks to winning, these attributes will make you a natural Blackjack player, which means winning big money at the casino.  Read more about Blackjack Strategy here.

My first time in a casino was at the ripe old age of 21. It was my birthday "key to the door", in the true unique style of my family's interpretation of the tradition. Perhaps they were hoping I could win enough to buy us a new house and give them all keys to it instead? But all I knew was that this was the game for me, the most obvious choice. The one that took skill and luck, where you could wow everyone with a logic that made you say "hit me" when you had 17 already. And win the hand against the dealer.

My first experience of blackjack in a real live casino taught me a life lesson I would never forget. A lot of people will tell you to say no to the complimentary drinks on offer, but there is something much more important than this to remember.

Avoid Casino Sharks

You get people like this in every casino. People that seem to have spent their whole lives in a casino, people who can read what is going on like a book. They seem to have a knack for putting themselves wherever the action is and moving the smile of fortunes focus from you to them.

I made that the amount of cash I had on me was a sum I could bear to lose. I made sure to leave my credit cards at home. It is very important to set yourself limits when you gamble.  Don't ever put yourself in a position where you won't be able to make next month's rent or feed your kids.

Intermission Admission

Let's grab a quick bite.

Roulette, I had placed an obligatory bet or two on. I admit I had got swallowed up by the intensity and I was down to my last hundred when I joined the blackjack table. My beginners luck was in legendary mode. I won against the dealer's hand and was back up to the amount of money I had started the evening with in no time, plus I had earned a nice tip on top.

Just 'cos they don't have sharp teeth, doesn't mean they aren't dangerous!

Back To The Lurking  Sharks

I was instantly spotted by a casino shark. She sat there, chain smoking and smiling at me, offering a hand of friendship, but the only hand she wanted was my next one. As she moved round the table from the other side, my left, to sit on my right, I knew something was up.

I wanted to move over and get on her right side again, move away from being made to feel left out in the cold. But she had made sure to sit right at the end of the table. As the dealer dealt the next hand, it sunk in. She had Blackjack. She had stolen my thunder, taken away my winning streak and left me in her dust as she graciously offered me a cigarette, as a sort of thanks for letting me get my teeth into you and ruin what could have turned out to be an epic night for you.

Its All About Attitude

This could be applied to most things in life, but it is especially relevant if you're planning a night out at the casino and you want to win. Remember, a positive mental attitude might not work 100% of the time, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth it!

A night out at your local casino is a nice excuse to get dressed up. Much like when it was all about saving your Sunday best for church. These days our best day of the week is Friday night when we celebrate the end of the week and wash the stresses and office politics off, to be replaced by some nice smelling cologne or perfume and some sharp, stylish threads. Then we head out into the night with friends, prepared to be entertained, to live life to the fullest. To take risks, have a gamble, see if it pays off.

A casino isn't just a good night out if you are going there with the pure intention of winning though. You need to put yourself in a winning state of mind by dressing to impress and you must be prepared to treat it like hard work. While it is fun to have a night enjoying music, a show, dinner and drinks, it is hard work to be a winner as you mustn't let yourself be distracted by the glitz and the glamour.

Always know your way out. Casinos are built to keep you there, with lack of logic to the design of the rooms and no clocks. They want to trap you, as the longer you keep playing, the more likely it is that you will lose and they will come out on top.

Be The King of The Casino.

Gamble Clever To Be A Winner

VegasMaster gives you the tools to make sure you gamble clever, we share our attitudes about what works and what doesn't work in the online gambling world and keep you totally up to date and informed. Become a VegasMaster like us, get the attitude here.  

Attitude is also one of the most important things to have, the right amount is essential, of course. Too much and you will find that you alienate the croupier and bring negativity to the game, too little and you will not be able to concentrate on playing to win. You need to have just the right amount of game.

While too much alcohol can make us take risks we would never normally even consider, a few tipples for the established British drinker can calm the nerves and help get you in a winning frame of mind.

There are countless tips and strategies out there that promise straight wins on whatever game you are playing, and they all promise to help you win at the casino. If you buy into this, the only winner will be the casino, and whoever had to write a book to sell and make money, despite holding the tried and tested secrets to winning at a casino.

Since that first casino shark I ever encountered, I have learnt to be bold. To believe in the decisions I have made, knowing that they are right often makes them right. The only secret to being a winner at a casino, much like being a winner in life, is the state of mind you approach your goal with.

You're A Winner

What are you still doing sitting here reading this? You have the essential tips on how to win at a casino, so get going on the path to becoming a winner.

Remember to keep the points in this article in mind; we want you to be a winner so you can join our club.