The 7th Annual Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE Expo) returns to Bulgaria on October 21-22 for a two day event that joins together leaders in the leisure, gaming, and entertainment industry. Future Gaming Europe represents one of the many companies that will attend.

Future Gaming Europe provides advanced management solutions for casinos and slot machine operators. Their eFLOOR system is modular and includes player tracking and analysis, slot accounting, jackpot systems, cage management, and machine LED displays. Founded in Malmö, Sweden, Future Gaming Europe services almost 250 casinos and slot halls.

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Player tracking and analysis from Future Gaming Europe

We had the chance to hear from Future Gaming Europe, who gave us insight into their involvement at the upcoming BEGE Expo in Sofia, Bulgaria. According Dejan Tomic, Managing Director of Future Gaming, “We see a huge potential for management systems for casinos in Bulgaria. Our new system features and adjusted prices for the region will attract most of the Bulgarian Operators.”

For the past 7 years, The Balkan Gaming Expo has offered a great opportunity for companies in the gaming industry to build potential partnerships and find new clients from around the world. The event also showcases the latest trends in gaming business and technology.

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When asked about upcoming trends in the gaming industry, Dejan Tomic predicted, “Cashless operation together with sophisticated jackpots and campaigns are the main trends today in the industry.”

Attending the BEGE Expo certainly gives any company the advantage to understand new trends and stay ahead of the market. For a company like Future Gaming Europe that has over 15 years in the industry, keeping pace with developments like new products and concepts is crucial.

So how does Future Gaming Europe do it? Dejan explains:

“We are constantly listening to our customers and their new ideas for improving and upgrading existing features in our system makes us stay ahead of the game. Various gaming information displays as well as campaigns reserved for the loyal player increases the excitement on the floor. The New Buzz.”


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