Flying off for a beach holiday or safari is so last season. Nowadays, Casino Resorts are where "its" at. By "it", I mean the money, and all that money can buy. These opulent, beautifully designed works of art, where your every need is catered for and your dreams may just come true, are the new wonders of the world. Gambling at the casino reveals peoples true characters, and these multibillion business corporations have capitalised on years of people watching, in order to bring us what we want, what we really, really want.

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At a casino resort you have a place to relax that has been designed with you in mind. With your comfort, your family and your happiness in mind, from the design to the architecture, a casino resort is a place of perfection, suitable for any type of customer that has the goal of relaxing, kicking back, unwinding and being a winner.

Fly off into the sun for clear beaches and blue skies.


What is a Casino Resort?

Despite what you may think, a casino resort holiday is not just about gambling. There is a maze of other stuff available to you that will make sure your time off work is well spent.  A casino resort combines a gambling palace, along with a luxurious hotel. They typically have spas, pools, Jacuzzis and all the other  trimmings you could possible want, like massages, beauty treatments and, of course, fine dining. Casino resorts are more common than you may at first  think.

Casino resorts are typically located in main cities and are near shopping centres and a whole host of other tourist attractions, that any country's big cities may have to offer. They also have cabaret shows, a nod to family entertainment from back in the day; they also feature concerts and even sporting events.

In fact, I am struggling to write this list as I keep getting distracted and checking out flights to South Africa for a couple of weeks of glitz and glamour betting all night, and safari by day.

A Casino Resort has it ALL.

A Little History

The first casino was actually called a gambling house and was in Europe. Venice to be exact. It was called the Ridotto and it opened in 1638.

In America, casinos were known as saloons and grew from their early roots in New Orleans, St. Louis, Chicago and San Francisco, to today's sprawling metropolis of Nevada and the Las Vegas Strip we have all come to know and love.

Las Vegas is the second largest gambling destination in the world and has a reputation that is nearly un-rivalled when it comes to the  place to gamble on a trip with friends to celebrate a special occasion. The city regularly features as the go to place in Hollywood movies, such as The Godfather Part II and The Hangover, amongst many, many other quality films.

And the greatest part is that there are so many fun things you can do in Las Vegas.

However, there is something about casino resorts that you do not know; Las Vegas isn't the only place to go if you want a top casino resort experience, complete with all the hustle and bustle of the town.

Where Are The Best Casino Resorts?

South Africa, Egypt, China, Monaco and Portugal, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Spain and the Bahamas are all home to some of the worlds best casino resorts.  There are a number in Las Vegas, but other US cities also get a look in, with Connecticut and New Orleans making the top casino resorts worldwide list.

So let's get down to business and find out about the casino resorts that have won awards and are considered world leaders in resort and gambling fun.

Casino Resorts win prizes!

Award Winning Casino Resorts

Since 1994, the World Travel Awards  have been taking notice of excellence in casino resorts and giving out awards. They concern themselves with acknowledging, rewarding and celebrating the global travel and tourism industry.

2013 has been a turnaround year for MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, USA. They were awarded with the prestigious title of World's Leading Casino Resort, having last seen the award 7 years ago. They were the first casino resort to be awarded with this honour back in 1994.

The winners over the past 20 years tell us a lot about the changing tides of the casino resort. While the 90's were full of US casino resort award winners, mainly located in Las Vegas, the 00's gave rise to the Far East casino resorts. As the 10's come around, the Bahamas and other exotic destinations are starting to level up with the required standards to be eligible to make the world class casino resort list.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas made the list 7 years in a row, making it the most awarded casino resort worldwide in its time.  The market is now opening up even further, with plans for a Mega Casino Resort in South Korea and Sri Lanka.

Here's the awards list, showing the trends:

  • 2013       MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, USA
  • 2012       Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
  • 2011       Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, Bahamas
  • 2010       Resorts World Genting, Malaysia
  • 2009       Resorts World Genting, Malaysia
  • 2008       Genting Highlands Resort, Malaysia
  • 2007       Genting Highland Resort, Malaysia
  • 2006       MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
  • 2005       Genting Highland Resort
  • 2004       MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
  • 2003       Bellagio Las Vegas
  • 2002       Bellagio Las Vegas
  • 2001       Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2000       Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1999       Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1998       Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1997       Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1996       Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1995       Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1994       MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Explore Casino Resorts across Europe.

European Treats

For Brits looking for a spot in the sun, at cheap, affordable European getaway prices, Spain has it all. Long a popular destination for members of the United Kingdom to get away from the dreary pitter patter of constant rain and gloomy skies, Ibiza Town also has a hidden gem in the form of The Ibiza Gran Hotel.

The Ibiza Gran Hotel and Casino Resort, Spain

This luxurious casino resort nestled in the party city of Ibiza, boasts luxury, glamour and, surprisingly enough, tranquillity. Located next to the harbour, it offers everything from honeymooners to long weekenders a place to relax, enjoy and gamble.  If you want a taste of Spanish nightlife and culture, check out this nearby treat.

Casino Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Staying within Europe, despite a casino resort of the same name being located in China, the Casino Lisboa is in the Parque das Nações (Park of Nations). It has a major urban centre, not a tourist centre and has had its fair share of troubles due to this, but a trip to Portugal would not be the same without a visit to this architectural masterpiece.

Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino and Spa Resort, Argentina

This Argentinian delight has a 19th century Spanish colonial design, restored to its original magnificence. Consistently rated extremely highly for its succulent lodgings and updated amenities, it is a focal point for business travellers and holidaymakers alike. Be careful when you partake in the stunning wines on offer from the Mendoza region if you are going to be rolling, spinning or holding hands in the casino later that evening! Argentina is termed part of Neo-Europe, which means a place outside of Europe but with strong ties and similarities to the EU.

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Why not try a Casino Safari at an African Resort?

Casino Resorts In The African Wilds

Two of South Africa's most popular casino resorts are the Sun City Resort in Cape Town and the Tusk Rio Casino Resort in Klerksdorp, a few hours' drive from Johannesburg.

The Sun City Resort is a huge complex, containing everything you could dream of on that holiday of a lifetime. With easy access to daily safaris, you can spend your days meeting all the wildlife this beautiful country has to offer, followed by excellent service and two different casinos, The Jungle Casino and the Sun City Hotel Casino. They also run a School of Gaming for those entering the gambling world for the first time.

South Africa's second offering making this list is the widely known Rio Casino Resort. Boasting a carnival style atmosphere and a plethora of activities for daytime trips, this casino resort has a multitude to offer. There's paintballing, hiking, a zoo, horseback riding, canoeing, scuba diving and so much more. Your nights will be well spent, cosy in the Winners Circle at the 24/7 casino.

Puerto Rico is a gem in the Caribbean.

A Caribbean Gem - Puerto Rico

The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan is an oasis of calm. Set against the gently crashing waves of the sea, it's an exercise in complete elegance, the 24/7 casino will take you back to a forgotten era and has live music to entertain you on the weekends. Beautifully and elegantly decorated, the Ritz-Carlton surpasses itself with this diamond in the mist. A perfect place to unwind and relax by day, with spa rooms galore, and enjoy breathless nights chasing your very own Lady Luck at the tables of Puerto Rico's luxury casino resort.

Winners racing around the streets of Monaco.

Monaco Races In

The Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo embodies a bygone era. A time when Princes wore glittering jewels and Princesses wore diamond tiaras, as they laughed, chattered and bet their way around the city. The hotel usually features on the glamorous Conde Nast Traveller Gold List and will delight your taste buds with its 3 Michelin star restaurant. Win or lose, the surroundings are exquisite and will put you in that essential winning frame of mind whilst putting you in touch with your zest for life.

The Middle East is full of amazing surprises.

A Middle Eastern Surprise

Our travels bring us to a shining beacon in the desert, tucked away amongst the unrest in the Middle East. The Cairo Marriott Hotel and Omar Khayyam Casino put together are Egypt's offering to our list of the top casino resorts worldwide. The nearby sights include the Egyptian Museum and the Cairo Zoo, but it is really the casino night life that makes this a must see destination. Once a palace, the Marriott hotel facilities have a bustling casino nightlife attached, said named after the great Persian man of culture himself.

Back to The Strip.

US Casino Resorts

Most of the big players nominated for industry awards own a whole host of casino resorts, and just because they have not made the list above, does not mean they are not worth checking out further. A lot of already established US casino resort owners are branching out into the worldwide market and taking advantage of the growing desire for travel that includes not only a hotel, spa and swimming pool, but also a place to bet and win. They have seen great success with their Las Vegas casino resorts and are using years of expertise to improve the rest of the world.

Some of the most notable choice casino resorts are:

  • Harrah's New Orleans
  • Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, Atlantic City
  • Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City
  • Foxwoods Resorts Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut
  • MGM Grand Las Vegas
  • The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino, also in Las Vegas.

The Far East is closer than you think!

Reach The Far East

Macau is the undisputable largest gambling city in the world, with Las Vegas long since coming in a close second behind the Chinese hub of gambling establishments full furnished with all the casino games you could dream of.

Some of our favourites on offer are:

  • The Venetian
  • City of Dreams Casino
  • Casino Porte
  • MGM Grand Macau
  • Sands Macao

Even Versace is getting in on the Macau casino resort act. You can read more about that here.